Time For Some Affordable And Effective PC Watercooling

Do you have a mammoth desktop PC that you play games on or put to any other exhaustive work? You must have come across the issue of adequately cooling down the system. PC watercooling is a cutting-edge solution for that and this article will help you decide what hardware gear you should choose and why.

PC watercooling

PC watercooling is nothing new. Liquids have long been used to cool down heavy-duty computer hardware. However, it has only been recently that PC watercooling kits have grown affordable enough for a regular gamer or desktop user to lay his hands on it. But there are countless watercooling kits out there and you may find yourself lost as to what should you go for. This neat guide will help you make that decision, based on your computing needs.

Want noiseless desktop computing?
Typically, PC watercooling kits do not take care of the ruckus that the cooling fan makes. There is the noise of the fan in the PC, and added to it is the noise of any case fans that you may add. Since all of this is meant to cool down your PC, a solution which can reduce the PC’s internal temperature without making so much noise would be a better option.

Corsair Hydro H50

The Corsair Hydro H50 is one such example. It comes with a water block on top of the processor and a radiator, to be placed in the fan mount of the case. These two components are connected with water-filled tubes, one carries cold water and towards the processor block while the other takes heated water away from it. As a result, the fans don’t have to work as exhaustively as they do without the watercooling system, and you get to have a far less noisy PC which doesn’t heat up.

Need the heavy-weights?
So your PC is doing one hell of a stressful job and you need some really heavy-duty cooling gear to breeze up the internals? In such a case, you will have to be a little lenient towards the size of the watercooling kit. That’s because some of the best that are available tend to be rather large in size. Noctua’s NH-D14, for example, is six inches tall and packs a dual-fan setup. It also comes with a SecuFirm2 multi-socket mounting system, making it easy for you to securely install it on your hardware.

Noctua NH-D14

Another option is that of Cooler Master V8 GTS. This here is another giant in the world of watercooling kits. It has a rather huge look but it justifies that by trimming down the heat. However, these two systems are convenient only for larger PCs with enough room inside.

The bare basics:
If you are looking forward to go very tight-budgeted on this, you should look up more low-priced options such as Seidon 120V and Seidon 120M. Both of these pack single fan and are pretty small in size, especially suited for small-sized PCs.

Seidon 120V

These are probably the most price-friendly watercooling kits, the 120V going for as low as $49. For a start, you should try these kits out and see how watercooling works for you as an effective solution. If you find it really useful and need to get a better kit, you can build it up from there.

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