AMD Embedded G-Series APUs

AMD announces new, more energy efficient Embedded G-Series APUs, combining Fusion-based processing with reduced power consumption and it provide thirty nine percent power reduction for fanless designs. The dual-core T40E and single-core T40R, both clocked at 1GHz, are said to be up to 39 percent more power efficient than an earlier 1.2GHz G-Series processor, but still offer DirectX 11-capable graphics and a 64-bit memory controller and  are designed for compact, multimedia-ready fanless embedded systems like digital signage, kiosks, mobile industrial devices etc…….


AMD announced immediate availability of two new AMD Embedded G-Series APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) with thermal design power (TDP) ratings of 5.5 and 6.4 watts, up to a 39 percent power savings compared to earlier versions. The very low power consumption and small 361mm² package is ideal for compact, fanless embedded systems like digital signage, kiosks, mobile industrial devices and many of the new emerging industry-standard small form factors such as Qseven. This is an unprecedented low-power offering for the embedded market that features one or two low-power x86 Bobcat CPU cores and a discreet class DirectX 11-capable GPU on a single die. “We have seen many of our embedded customers deploy fanless systems even with our 15W TDP processors in the past. Today we take the ground-breaking AMD Fusion APU well below 7W TDP and shatter the accepted traditional threshold for across-the-board fanless enablement,” said Buddy Broeker, director, Embedded Solutions, AMD. “System designers can now unleash their creativity without being constrained by heat or size issues.”


A fanless solution is crucial for many small embedded systems where the added cost for an active cooling system can be prohibitive or for environments where silent operation is a key requirement. Additionally, many embedded products are deployed in harsh environmental conditions where the presence of a fan represents a potential failure point for the system. The AMD Embedded G-Series platform provides enterprise-class features and performance with the reliability, cost- and power-efficiencies these systems require. Systems based on the new low power AMD Embedded G-Series platform include an industrial mobile device from Amtek, a Pico-ITX single board computer from Axiomtek, a Qseven form factor computer-on-module from datakamp, and a fanless digital signage platform from iBASE. Additional customers are expected to bring new products to market in the coming quarters.


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