Apple Switching To Environment-Friendly Halogen-Free Cables

The pressure for eco-friendly practices has been mounting on tech companies. And while some tried to thwart it off earlier, now nearly all tech companies are trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. Apple, too, has finally decided to switch to halogen-free power and USB cables. The cables currently used in Apple products are not Halogen-free. So they produce Halogen into air and pollute it when they are incarcerated. But these new cables will be halogen-free when they are disposed off. And so, will offer no hazard to the environment. 

This move by Apple, however, will cost Volex a fortune. Volex is the company that supplies power cables and USB leads for Apple products. Now that Apple is planning to go eco-friendly, Voles will have to spend about $6 million as a start-up money for designing and manufacturing these new, halogen-free cables.

However, Volex is hopeful that it will recover this spending and still make the profit that has been expected by the market. Apple is the largest customer of Volex, which is owned by Nat Rothschild, a billionaire financier.
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