Apple’s Lightning AV Adapter May Be An AirPlay Decoder, Packs ARM SoC

When Apple recently dished out its new Lightning Digital AV Adapter, may decried the $50 price tag that it carried. However, it now seems that the adapter is somewhat of a mini-computer in itself, packing an ARM system-on-chip along with 256 MB memory module.

Lightning AV Adapter

Normally, the adapter is simply plugged into an iPhone or an iPad at one end and provides an HDMI connector at the other. However, ever since its release, users have complained across multiple forums that they registered performance issues and output lag with it.

Spurred on by these issues, the team over at Panic Software decided to dig deep into the adapter and see exactly what the issue is. So after tinkering with it for a while, they went hands-on and took off the wraps to see what the adapter holds under its hood.

What they found out was quite surprising. The Lightning adapter packs an ARM SoC together with 256 MB of memory as well many other components. Naturally, it is very intriguing to note that why would Apple pack so much gear into a simple AV adapter.

Some have forwarded the theory that the adapter may be meant to provide AirPlay-like functionality by decoding a wirelessly-sent video signal from an iOS device. That seems interesting and if that proves true, we can rest assured that developers will soon be having fun with this Lightning adapter.

Source: Panic Software

Courtesy: TNW

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