Circular Printer: Flips Conventional Design On Its Axis

Printers have brought convenience to offices and homes by making the job of printing fast, easy and cost effective. But, they also vibrates and creates noise while printing. Moreover they take unnecessary amount of desk space. Till now, we have seen different shapes of printers but not like the ‘Circle’ one. Yang Jae Wook has designed a circle shaped “courteous printer” which looks like a humidifier or a fancy pot. The invention has flipped conventional design on its axis.

The Circle Printer by Yang Jae Wook, Image Credit:

Designers are doing a lot of hard work on the next generation of printers. No doubt, improving the bulky, noisy, temperamental printer is no simple. Though we have seen some peculiar circular designed printer concept from Samsung earlier in the mid–2000s, but circle shaped printer is far different from them.

Process Of Ejecting Printed Paper From Circle Shaped Printer, Image Credit :

Circle uses a completely traditional printing mechanism. The difference is it just only flips on its side. Unlike the convention ejection tray of mainstream printer, the circle printer ejects printed pages by rotating around a vertical drum.

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Source : Yanko Design

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