Details Of Intel’s New Ivy Bridge i5 Leaked Through Intel Sales Book

Intel has been making headlines in the chip-making industry, especially ever since it announced that it will be unveiling the next-generation processor named Ivy Bridge. And although the time for the actual unveiling of the chip is still off, expected some time in June t his year, the details about it have already leaked. Chipzilla posted a sales book online which contained details about this upcoming processor. If was obviously an accident since the book has been pulled off the website. Read further for the details this sales book divulged.

The sales book that was accidentally revealed contains details about i5 and i7 processors that are expected to reach us later this year. The page about i5 processors contained details about third-generation parts such as 3.4GHz 3570K which featured the new HD4000 and also contained, most probably, an unlocked multiplier. The rest of the line-up featured mostly the Intel HD2500 IGP. The only dual-core part of the line-up is 3470T . This is the only chip in the entire line-up that supports Hyper-Threading and comes with only 3MB of cache.

The pricing details or details about when exactly we can hope to lay our hands on these shiny pieces of silicon, were not revealed in the leaked details. But at least, we now know what we are waiting for.
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