Functional Apple I Motherboard And A Memo By Steve Jobs Will Go On Auction On June 15th

Apple’s meteoric rise has turned the company, and its products, into somewhat of icons. And it is precisely for this reason that the old or abandoned products of the company are now antiques, being sold in hefty sums at auctions. For instance, a Macintosh was up on eBay for sale for a whopping $100,000. Now, we have two other Apple objects which will be going on auction on June 15th.

The two objects are truly a collector’s treasure. For of these is the Apple I motherboard. Currently, there are only six of these motherboards in the whole world which are in functional condition. And this happens to be one of these six. It has been created by the Apple genius, Steve Wozniak.

The auction has been set by the company is hoping to sell the motherboard for up to a price of $180,000. The other object which is up for auction is no less intriguing.

It is a memo which was written by Steve Jobs while he was at work at the company, Atari. Jobs supervisor at the time was Stephen Bristow and he is the one to whom the memo is named. In the memo, Jobs goes on to include a number of circuit diagrams and other ideas suggesting how to improve Atari’s game, World Cup Football.

Although this memo is expected to gather $15,000, you never know for sure about auctions. Apple’s founding contract was able auctioned by Sothebys. It was initially estimated to go for $150,000 but as it turned out, the contract was finally let go for a huge $1.6 million.

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Courtesy: The Verge


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