Fusion ioDrive PCIe SSDs

Fusion-io announced the next evolution of its ioMemory platform for powering application acceleration and data center optimization with the release of the new ioDrive2 and ioDrive2 Duo flash drives, which offer up to 2.4TB capacity and the key features is a self-healing feature called Adaptive FlashBack, which provides complete chip level fault tolerance, enabling ioMemory to repair itself after a single chip or a multichip failure. The flash card puts memory where it’s needed, close to the server’s microprocessor, which needs a constant stream of data to stay at peak processing speed and Fusion-io designs the controller technology for the flash chips and sources the chips from commodity flash manufacturers. The secret sauce lies in the controller chip, which manages all of the different memory chips on a circuit card, which plugs into a server and company also creates the virtual software stack that integrates the memory into the computer system………………..


Fusion-io Inc., pioneer of shared data decentralization announced the next evolution of its ioMemory platform for powering application acceleration and data center optimization. The company that broke performance barriers, brought you the first enterprise MLC products, dramatically enhanced reliability metrics for enterprise flash and redefined server side flash has done it all over again with the new ioDrive2 and ioDrive2 Duo. “Customers have grown to expect nothing but groundbreaking products from Fusion-io. Today, we are proud to raise the bar once more with the ioDrive2,” said David Flynn, Fusion-io CEO and Chairman. “Just as many competitors gauge success by Fusion-io performance standards, we developed the ioDrive2 to outperform the original ioDrive on all measures. Companies around the world trust ioMemory to supply critical data to their trading platforms, ERP systems, virtual environments, enterprise applications and databases, and now, they can rely on the ioDrive2 to accelerate even more of the data that powers our information economy.” Continuing Fusion’s history of leadership in storage memory innovation, the new ioDrive2 and ioDrive2 Duo deliver powerful low latency performance, improved endurance and the reliability required by today’s enterprise applications, databases and virtual environments.  In a recent white paper sponsored by Fusion-io, analyst firm IDC looks at how Fusion-io technology can help to overcome the inefficiencies of traditional datacenter infrastructures. By solving the performance problems caused by traditional disk-based storage, the IDC paper, titled “Datacenter of the Future,” reported that Fusion-io products can help to address today’s highly virtualized datacenter environments by delivering higher data performance, reduced operational andcapital expenses, and lower power consumption. The Fusion-io MLC ioDrive2 and ioDrive2 Duo will be offered in 365 GB, 785 GB, 1205 GB and 2.4 TB capacities, beginning in late November 2011, followed by SLC products in 400 GB, 600 GB and 1.2 TB capacities with the first product run already committed to key customers and partners. Pricing for Fusion’s new ioMemory platform starts at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $5,950 U.S. New features of the ioDrive2 and ioDrive2 Duo include:

  • Nearly symmetrical read and write access with best in class low queue depth performance
  • Consistent low latency access for mixed workloads with 15 microsecond write latency, 3 GB/s bandwidth, over 700,000 read IOPS and over 900,000 write IOPS
  • Maximum capacity in the smallest footprint, with up to 2.4 TB of capacity to fuel server efficiency even in the most data-intensive environments
  • All new intelligent self-healing feature called Adaptive FlashBack provides complete chip level fault tolerance, which enables ioMemory to repair itself after a single chip or a multi chipfailure without interrupting business continuity
  • System level integration with the latest Fusion-io VSL 3.0 software subsystem
  • More work per unit of processing with the cut-through Fusion-io architecture, which continues to deliver performance increases as CPUs become more powerful
  • Extended support for all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, OSX, Solaris x86, ESXi 5.0 andHP-UX
  • Field programmability, allowing IT professionals maximum flexibility in customizing their ioMemory platform tomeet the unique needs of their enterprise

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