IBM Watson Could Have A Career In Health Care

A year ago, IBM’s supercomputer – Watson secured a place in history when it turned out that it could beat every single human contestant on the popular game Jeopardy. Now, IBM is trying to use the artificial intelligence in a different fashion – by employing it like a hosted cloud service.

Watson was a project that was driven by the expectations that the machine was going to take on natural language at some point in its “development. The most interesting thing about it is that the computer evolved to possess some kind of intuition characteristic of human begins. That’s something really impressive.

Manoj Saxena, general manager of IBM Watson Solutions explained what the supercomputer does; highlighting the top three functions of the artificial intelligence. Watson can understand human language and comprehend the meaning of words at a very high scale. It is also capable of analyzing the existing evidence and thus is able to form appropriate hypothesis. But its more important characteristic is that it is able to learn from responses.

Because of these futuristic abilities, Watson might be a good addition to healthcare, in order to maximize productivity and reduce human error. Imagine, as a physician, being able to instantly take in all the information around a patient’s medical care – symptoms, patient interviews, findings, trials. Then with Watson’s help you could consider all the prior cases, medical literature and clinical practices in order to get the diagnosis and guide a course of treatment.



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