Intel’s New Core i9 CPU Is Coming

Intel has announced sixth-generation range new core i9 processor which has 18 cores. It’s sounds like a real monster. Take a look.

In the computer world Intel and AMD are the main competitor. All the time this two company are making something new, extraordinary, flagship hardware. Intel has announced 18-core Skylake X-series Core i9 processor. It’s the first time consumer desktop comes with 18 core CPU. That’s why price will not be cheaper at all. The pricing has given below.

Intel has also announced different type of core i9 processor. The models are: Core i9 7900X, Core i9 7920X, Core i9 7940X, Core i9 7960X, Core i9 7980XE. (Only Core i9 7900X’s information is available)


With Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 will give you the best multitasking experience. Actually Intel calls it mega-tasking CPU. In Core i9 7900X CPU, the max frequency is 4.50 GHz. It is equipped with 10 core, 20 Threading and L3 cache is 13.75mb.  This is enough for high end PC configuration. The official performance details are here.


Lets talk about price tag. Because of high configuration core i9 will cost you large amount of dollar. Core i9-7900X will cost you $999 and The giant monster Core i9-7980XE will cost you likely $1,999.

And the Most important thing is you will need to buy a new motherboard to use those CPUs. Because these CPUs made with new socket. So wait for the new motherboard.

Release Date

Intel said that, the i9 7900X will be for sale in June 2017, i9 7920X chip for sale in August 2017. Other CPU release date is not confirmed yet.

Here is the video where intel announced core i9 at “Computex 2017” event.

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