Intel Rebrands Atom Line-Up, Offers Celeron And Pentium Variants

Although Intel‘s chief efforts seem focused on its new Haswell line-up, the company is also expending significant energies on the Atom processors. According to reports, Intel is rebranding Atom line-up as ‘Silvermont’ and will be offering both Pentium and Celeron variants of the processors.

Intel Silvermont

The key reason behind rebranding Atom is simply that Intel has ramped up the performance of new Atom chips. The Silvermont rebranding of Atom comes with chips that are designed differently and offer far superior performance compared to Atom’s last-generation chips.

In fact, the performance of the new Silvermont chips is so improved that Intel claims they can deliver at par with the Celeron and Pentium. And that is why, Intel will be offering the Silvermont processors as both Celeron and Pentium. These chips will be primarily geared at the PC market, meant to go into notebooks and laptops at large.

Another interesting thing is that Intel aims to pack these chips not only in regular Windows-based PCs, but also on such machines which will be running Android. It is hoped that machines packing Silvermont chips and running Android may arrive later this year or early next year.

It is quite intriguing to note that after having dominated the mobile market, Android is making encroaches into the PC industry. Given the minimum licensing fees and immense popularity that it comes with, it isn’t surprising that PC vendors are eager to use the OS on their machines, thus mitigating their costs significantly.

Courtesy: CNET

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