Intel’s Quad-Core i7-3820 Sandy Bridge-E Processor For Less Than $300

Intel had earlier released a six-core Sandy Bridge processor but given the price of the processor, it was definitely a tad bit inconvenient for the pockets of many. Intel did seem to have gotten a hint of the fact that it was being uneconomical and was apparently working on releasing a rather affordable version of the Sandy Bridge-E processor. And now it has released the quad-core Core i7-3820 Sandy bridge-E processor. As the name suggests, it has four cores and comes in just under $300.

This processor has a clock speed which is much higher than it’s fellow processors at 3.6 GHz. However, the Turbo Boost of this hardware does not go beyond 3.9 GHz. For those who want a good piece of hardware in just the right price, this may be an ideal option since it comes at a fair price of $294 with fairly good power.

This processor has a cache space of 10MB. Although the i7-3820 has a price which is much lower than that of i7-2600k. And this is so, although 3820 is a lot better than 2600K in many ways. However, it would require an all new motherboard too and that can add to the costs of adapting it.

Image courtesy huang.

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