Logitech Touch Mouse M600 Revealed

Logitech has revealed a new touch mouse which no need to press button, just finish your task using touch. By using this mouse you can easily do swiping, scrolling, and surfing. Brand manager of Logitech Todd Walker said “People are growing accustomed to using fingertip gestures to navigate on their smartphones and tablets”.

Logitech Touch Mouse M600

Todd Walker also said “In fact, for many people these gestures have become second nature. The Logitech Touch Mouse M600 reflects this evolution in how we interact with the digital world and extends to the computer what have become natural, intuitive motions.”

According to Logitech – The responsive touch surface feels natural—whether you’re scrolling through a long article or swiping through party pics. Thanks to Logitech Flow Scroll, when you slide your finger along the touch surface, you’ll experience immediate, continuous and free-flowing Web page scrolling. With its smooth edges and designed-for-comfort curves, this touch mouse feels good in your hand and looks good wherever you use your laptop.

Logitech Touch Mouse M600 is available at Amazon for $69.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.


Responsive touch surface
The touch surface responds directly to the world’s most natural technology—your ingers. Now, whatever you’re doing on your laptop—surfing the Web or reading your emails—is as easy as letting your fingers do the clicking, scrolling and swiping.

Scroll and swipe where you like
The touch surface makes scrolling direct and fluid. And you can scroll and swipe immediately—wherever your fingertips rest on the mouse. A slow swipe is perfect for reading online, while a quick flick gets you to the bottom of the page fast.

Comfortable, stylish design
You can be sure this touch mouse feels good in your hand, and—with its stylish design—looks good wherever you use your laptop.

Smooth-as-smartphone scrolling
Essential to your M600 experience, Logitech Flow Scroll software gives you scrolling that isn’t choppy – more like the fluid scrolling on your favorite touchscreen martphone. Slide your finger along the touch surface to experience immediate, continuous and free-flowing Web page scrolling.

Keeps it simple
The M600 was carefully crafted so that it feels great doing exactly the tasks you do most frequently–pointing, clicking, and scrolling. And it doesn’t matter which hand you use to mouse. Left-handers can easily reassign the right- and left-click buttons with Logitech SetPoint software, available for download here.

Six-to-one power
One Unifying receiver connects up to six compatible mice and keyboards. Add a keyboard, switch between mice, mix and match to fit your lifestyle. All without having to change nano receivers or sacrifice another USB port.

Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless
Say good-bye to cords and enjoy wireless freedom (up to 10 meters (or 33 feet)), so it’s easy to use your mouse on the couch with your laptop—or even when you’re hooking your laptop up to your TV.
Learn more about Logitech wireless technologies.

One battery or two makes a difference
You can use one AA battery—and enjoy a lighter mouse and three months of battery life—or two AAs for a solid feel and six months of run time.** You can also use your own rechargeable batteries.
Big on battery life? We are, too. Learn more.

Logitech Advanced Optical Technology
Laser-grade precision tracking delivers precision on virtually any surface. So while you may not actually need to hit individual pixels in Photoshop®, it’s nice to know that you can.

Storable receiver
The receiver slides into the integrated storage slot behind the battery door for safe keeping.


System Requirements

  • Windows 7
  • USB port
  • Internet connection (for software download)

Warranty Information

  • 3-year limited hardware warranty

Package Contents

  • Mouse
  • Logitech Unifying receiver
  • 2 AA batteries
  • User documentation
Logitech Touch Mouse M600
Logitech Touch Mouse M600
Logitech Touch Mouse M600
Logitech Touch Mouse M600
Logitech Touch Mouse M600

This mouse also available at Logitech for USD 69.99

Source: Logitech

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