Logitech Wireless Touchpad With Multi-Touch Navigation

Logitech Wireless Touchpad. Point, scroll, swipe-naturally. With intuitive, gesture-based controls, it’s a snap to point, scroll and swipe your way to wherever you go on the Web and more. Plus, the large touch surface gives you plenty of room to let your fingertips do the clicking. This is an Amazon’s product review. Checkout more details bellow.


Technical Details

  • Intuitive multi-touch navigation: Point, scroll and swipe your way through the web with gesture-based controls
  • Roomy touchpad: Large (5-inch) touch surface for easy browsing with your fingertips
  • Clutter-free wireless device: No cords or hassles-put it anywhere on your desk or tabletop and start navigating
  • Wireless simplicity: Robust and reliable connection with a tiny Unifying receiver that stays in your computer
  • Compatibility: For Windows 7 computers only

Logitech Wireless Touchpad
Point, scroll, swipe—naturally

This roomy touchpad with multi-touch navigation makes it fun and easy to go wherever you want to go on the web and more. Simply move your fingers on the touchpad to control the cursor, scroll through documents and Facebook news feeds, or flip through photos—all without cords and clutter.


Browse with multi-touch ease
Navigate the web, emails, documents and more with intuitive finger gestures:

  • One-finger pointing and cursor control
  • Two-finger scrolling
  • Three-finger swiping
  • Four-finger app switching


Just touch one finger anywhere on the touchpad to control your cursor.


Drag two fingers to scroll up or down through a document or your favorite web page—like your list of friends on your Facebook page.

A simple, three-finger horizontal swipe moves you back and forth so you can flip through your wedding photos or move from your Amazon wish list to your Gmail account in a flash. With a three-finger vertical swipe, you can easily move page-up or page-down.


Large touch surface
The 5-inch touchpad gives you plenty of room to let your fingers do the navigating.


Clutter-free convenience

  • No cords or hassles
  • Standalone wireless device can be placed anywhere on your desk or table
  • Go for up to four months without changing batteries (Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions)

Wireless simplicity

  • The tiny Logitech Unifying receiver stays in your laptop and connects up to six compatible wireless devices
  • Plug it into your computer and start using your touchpad right away


Reliable connection Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless virtually eliminates delays, dropouts and interference—even in the busiest wireless environments

That’s all about the Logitech Wireless Touchpad With Multi-Touch Navigation. This Wireless Touchpad is available in Amazon.com. You can directly order or buy from here.
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