Nvidia Announces Two New Kepler-Based GPUs – Tesla K10 And K20

Nvidia has been steering right ahead of its contemporaries when it comes to graphical processing powers. It introduced the concept of Kepler-based processors and now, following on the line-up, the company has released two new Kepler-based GPUs. These are, Tesla K10 and K20.

Nvidia claims that these two GPUs that it has just unveiled are meant for high performance computing (HPC). Specifically, these GPUs will find vast range of applications in the realm of science and technology.

The K20 GPU is based on a new GK110 core. The GPUs will become commercially available by the last quarter of this year. According to the chief scientist and senior vice president of research at Nvidia, “Fermi was a major step forward in computing. It established GPU-accelerated computing in the top tier of high performance computing and attracted hundreds of thousands of developers to the GPU computing platform. Kepler will be equally disruptive, establishing GPUs broadly into technical computing, due to their ease of use, broad applicability and efficiency.”

Nvidia claims that when it comes to signal, image or seismic processing, these Kepler GPUs can deliver the highest throughput that can be currently achieved through any kind of hardware. This effectively puts Nvidia well ahead of all rival chip-producers.

According to program vice president of HPC at IDC, “Over the next two years, we expect that GPUs will be increasingly used to provide higher performance on many applications.” What remains to be seen is that how these two ultra-heavy-duty chips will find space in the tech realm and how their power will be utilized to push processing speeds to newer heights.

Source: Nvidia

Courtesy: The Verge

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