Transcend Unveils Up To 960GB Of JetDrive SSD Upgrade Kits For MacBook Air And Pro

If you own a MacBook Air or a Retina MacBook Pro, here is some great news. You can stop fussing about the limited internal storage space of your machines and lay your hands on the new JetDrive SSD Upgrade kits from Transcend which can add up to 960GB SSD space to your machine.

Transcend JetDrive SSD

The best part is that with these kits, you can also include the original SSD of your MacBook machine. This can be done with the help of an aluminum USB 3.0 enclosure which makes your actual SSD fit in nicely with the overall storage space.

The JetDrive SSDs come with maximum read speeds of up to 495MB/s and maximum write speeds of up to 495MB/s. They also pack a five-year warranty which, together with their top-end performance, should be sufficient to put your storage worries to rest.

The JetDrive hardware makes use of the JetDrive Toolbox monitoring software. This software is a great aid for intensive storage users because it ensures that a given SSD drive is working fine and doesn’t run into any troubles. Moreover, the monitoring software also brings TRIM support to the JetDrive SSDs which is what ensures that they stay near their maximum read and write speeds.

If you have one of the early MacBook Air machines, you will be able to add 240GB or 480GB to it. For those with a more recent mid-2012 MacBok Air or the iconic Retina MacBook Pro, the upgrade options are more varied. These include an upgrade to 240GB, 480GB or 960GB of SSD storage. The prices of these kits range between $190 for the cheapest upgrade all the way to $600 for the top-end upgrade.

To catch more details about the prices and to know how and where to place your orders, head straight to the official Transcend site here.

Source: Transcend
Courtesy: Mac Rumors

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