Intel N550 Dual-core Netbook will be Available around $400

Intel Corp has successfully created netbook segment.At the same time it also gives room for ARM-based design to grow especially in entry level market.

In order to hold its market place the giant chipmaker has planned to release its next generation dual-core N550 by Q3 this year.

As the press release the new N550 will be a dual core processor (with 1MB sharable internal cache) with each of them clocking at 1.5GHz maximum frequency. And as expected, its N550 based system’s retail price is expected to be in the range between $349 to $399, approximately $50 increase as compared to current pricing of $249-$349 for Atom N455 and N475 series.

With this substantial amount of price adjustment, users can expect a whole system performance boost, especially when it’s thermally efficient (TDP at 8.5Watt) dual-core Atom architecture are further coupled with the new DDR3 memory configuration support along with other new enhancements like either a 20GB to 32GB SSD or a 250GB conventional hard disk drive. However, graphics and chipset upgrade are not mentioned.

Since it is still categorized under netbook so the screen size will scale beyond 10.1-inch, and at a higher price point closer to entry level notebook segment

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