New iMacs May Be Delayed Till 2013 Due To Supply Chain Problems

During the recent launch event for iPad Mini, Apple also unveiled another marvelous piece of machinery – the new, ultra-thin and ultra-powerful iMac line-up. The new iMac models are truly a thing of beauty, being the thinnest All-in-One PCs in the world. Sadly, if you were planning to get one this Christmas, you may have to wait a bit more.


Many of us were hoping that Apple would make the new iMac, which packs Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor, available just in time for the Black Friday, but that may not be the case.

It is being reported that Apple is probably facing supply chain problems and may not be able to furnish enough new iMac machines to go forth with a sales launch. These limitations may keep Apple from making these new iMacs available until the next year.

The new iMacs have been redesigned by Apple and no longer contain an Optical Drive. The optically bonded body makes it possible for the new iMacs to shed a bit of the waist and get themselves together in mere 5 millimeters.

It may be because of this redesign that Apple’s manufacturers are unable to create bulk amounts within time. If the new iMac models don’t become available by Black Friday, we can rest assured that they won’t be here until the next year.

Courtesy: BGR

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