No Raspberry Pi Sequel Coming In 2013

Raspberry Pi, the mini PC that has become an overnight success thanks to its tiny size and excellent design, will not be getting any new model during the current year. This much was revealed by the Raspberry Pi creator, Eben Upton, much to the disappointment of users.

raspberry pi

There had been hopes for a next model of Raspberry Pi because after its original version, a ‘Model B’ was released by the team behind it. Both have enjoyed phenomenal success. In a world where PC sales have declined to unprecedented levels, the Raspberry Pi team has been able to sell huge volume of these mini PCs.

We recently reported the estimates of Raspberry Pi retailers, one of whom pegged the overall sales of the mini PC at one million. The actual numbers, later revealed by Upton, though showed that the team had sold nearly 700,000 units, which is still a huge achievement.

Speaking recently about his product, Upton said, “We honestly did think we would sell about 1,000, maybe 10,000 in our wildest dreams. We thought we would make a small number and give them out to people who might want to come and read computer science at Cambridge.”

The news that there would be no subsequent Pi models coming out this year is somewhat of a disappointment indeed. Let’s hope the demand for the mini PC persuades the Pi creators to perhaps change their mind.

Source: ZDNet

Courtesy: BGR

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