Anonymous Explains To Gizmodo About The Attack On CIA Website

A rare occurrence when it comes to Anonymous actions surfaced the web recently. The notorious hacktivists apologized to one of their latest high profile victims: CIA. One metallic voice hidden behind the well-known Guy Fawkes mask expressed in the name of the movement, the explanation for the attack agains CIA official website.

“To the CIA: We are sorry your website is down. It was not the intended purpose of our actions, however, in doing so we have created a way more significant amount of attention to a situation that goes unnoticed far too often,” explain the Anon.

Apparently, CIA was merely a collateral victim. Anonymous intended to raise awareness on the pedophiles’ activity, which has always been one of the group’s main targets. This time, Anonymous targeted servers containing child pornography and used these servers in DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks against CIA website. Hackers are getting more and more active, recently, they’ve attacked even the UN website.

According to the Anonymous voice, CIA has no other option than to take down the attacking servers themselves. “We cannot stop this, we have no access to them, due to the fact that the network link is entirely saturated and we cannot log back in. It will stop 41.6 days after the time it began. Your only choice is to act, and have them taken offline, which should have already happened,” says the message. However intriguing the new fighting method used by an anon was considered by one groups’ representative a rather ill-thought decision.



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