Anonymous Group Hacked NASDAQ Site

And now for some hacking news. Who has been targeted this time? Well, apparently, the hackers are bored with social networking sites and consumer goods stores so they moved on to something more hardcore. Like the websites of exchange operators Nasdaq and BATS, who has been under siege for the last 24 hours, making it impossible to access the site?

The group behind the attack? Why, none other than the famous Anonymous hackers. L0NGwave 99 has “personally” stepped forward to take responsibility and glory for the attack. Here’s what he writes:

“This DDoS Operation over NASDAQ is done in support of the great and rooted 99% movement, whom the L0NGwave99 Group has decided to give a present.”

But Nasdaq spokesman mister Joseph Christinat insists that the website wasn’t actually hacked, because nobody gained access to vital information, the hackers only managed to block the users out of the website. He also added that trading in Nasdaq stocks has not been affected by these attacks.

The Nasdaq has been the victim of attacks in the past as well. In 2010 hackers managed to build a tunnel into the computer system and installed bad software that enabled them to spy on directors of public companies. The incident resulted in a federal investigation. Hackers are getting more and more powerful these days and one should pose a very good question – is a cyberwar inevitable? How many ethic hackers are out there? What will happen if the bad guys will start to crack systems soon?


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