AVG Research Found 90% Of Pirated Games Are Infected With Malware

There are many people in this world who don’t intend to buy games, rather prefer downloading pirated games from torrent or other file-sharing sites. Anti-virus software group AVG has found that 90% of these pirated games contain malware!

Pirated Games Contain Malware

Some AVG researchers searched FileCrop for a Diablo 3 hack, one of the most popular ‘swords and sorcery’ games on the market. The FileCrop search result listed more than 40 hacks, all temptingly titled to encourage users looking for the greatest in-game rewards and benefits. The team selected a file at random called ‘Diablo 3 Item generator and gold hack.zip’ and downloaded it. After downloading and unpacking the file, the team’s installed AVG Internet Security software immediately detected malicious code in the hack itself. The team later downloaded many games and found almost every game having malware or malicious code.

After more research, AVG has found that 90% of hacked or cracked games downloaded via torrent or other file-sharing sites not only contain malware or malicious code, but also simply spread the malware in disguise in the system of the devices where the games are played.

AVG said, “Even if we assume that just 0.1% of the gamer playing the top five titles go looking for a hack – a highly conservative estimate – that means 330,000 people are potentially at risk of falling victim to game hack malware.”

AVG has suggested people to download official game patches and updates only, and to use different account username and passwords for each of the accounts used in games while playing online or offline.

Source: AVG

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