GeoHot, Famous PS3 and iPhone Hacker To Quit His Facebook Job

Well, apparently George Hotz, the hacker who “attacked” PlayStation 3 and got into a war with the giant Sony and became famous for releasing a jailbreaking solution for the original iPhone in 2007 seemed to have left behind his hacking days after he accepted a regular full day job at Facebook. The legal battle with Sony ended last April when the two parties signed a settlement. But as the true thrill seeker that Geohot is, he still has in his blood the challenges of high profile hacking.

According to Business Insider George Hotz couldn’t stay away from a hackathon event, Backplane that took place last Saturday. Backplane is a startup designed to build and expand online communities around musicians and sports teams. Backplane also aims to deliver a better integration of social media. The project brings together high profile names and surprising partners like Google Executive Chairman (and former CEO) Eric Schmidt and Lady Gaga. The much known artist managed to gather 10 million fans on Twiter, which makes her the most followed artist of the Social 50, according to Billboard.

At the Backplane hackathon, Geohot presented an app that displays the users’ Facebook friends on a map. Although the app was intriguing and offered a visual way to manage and checkout friends lists, Geohot lost the competition. In addition, the latest chatter about Geohot reveals that he left Facebook for unknown reasons.


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