Jailed Hacker Breaks Into Prison Computers During IT Class

Hackers are rarely nabbed by the authorities but once they get caught, they usually end up in a jail, given the long list of charges against most of them. One such hacker, Nicholas Webber, was jailed for a hacker marketplace site ‘GhostMarket’ which he had created. In prison, he was invited to an IT class where he was able to hack into prison’s mainframe.

Jailed hacker

The facility where Webber was held when the incident took place was Her Majesty’s Prison Isis in South London. The facility holds prisoners under the age of 25 and is known to be a maximum security facility.

The incident of hacking took place back in 2011 and would’ve never come to light. However, the IT instructor whose class Webber attended when hacking the mainframe prison computers, was later fired by the facility. Michael Fox was later refused employment at a number of other places due to the poor recommendation from Prison Isis. Infuriated, he has now taken up the case in a court.

According to a spokesperson for the Isis prison, “At the time of this incident in 2011 the educational computer system at HMP Isis was a closed network. No access to personal information or wider access to the internet or other prison systems would have been possible.”

Michael Fox, however, holds that he was never aware of the fact that Webber was a hacker, or else he would never have allowed him into his class. The case now hinges upon the curios riddle that who invited Webber to the class, since it had to be someone within the prison. What we do know, now, is that once he was inside the class, he was quick to hack the prison computers which caused a major uproar in the facility.

Courtesy: CNET

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