McAfee And Intel Make Partnership For Anti-Theft Tech In Ultrabooks

Intel has long provided hardware-level anti-theft technology, primarily for its enterprise customers and now McAfee is teaming up with Chipzilla to create a consumer-friendly software package that will interact with the chip-level anti-theft tech that will be packed into every Ultrabook. Intel is also collaborating with McAfee on anti-theft technology that works on the chip level, enabling the entire system to lock remotely if it’s been stolen or compromised and theft victims will be able to use location services to track their missing ultrabook as well as backup important data……………….

McAfee announced a collaborative effort with Intel to develop anti-theft software for Ultrabook devices. Ultrabook systems will marry the performance and capabilities of today’s laptops with tablet-like features. The anti-theft software being developed will leverage unique, Intel chip-level technologies to provide device and data protection for consumers. Users and their devices are increasingly mobile as evidenced by the rapidly growing number of laptops and other mobile computing devices being purchased. With increased mobility come unique risks such as theft or loss of devices and data. This new solution will deliver essential capabilities including device lock, data wipe and location tracking. “McAfee has a strong legacy of delivering security solutions to consumers through our partner channel as well as an established partner eco-system,” said Steve Petracca, senior vice president of Consumer Marketing at McAfee. “By making easy-to-use anti-theft software for Ultrabook systems available, our partners are able to leverage proven security deployment models to protect consumers. This also allows our partners to differentiate themselves from a crowded field of competitors.” OEMs, retailers, telecommunications providers, and others will benefit from this joint development by being able to offer a comprehensive anti-theft solution for connected mobile users. These companies will also benefit from the recently announced $300 million Intel Ultrabook Fund to help drive innovation in this new category of devices that is available from Intel Capital. “Despite the fact that laptops and personal data are stolen each and every day around the world, people’s computers often hold some of the most private and valuable information including bank statements, tax returns, pictures, and videos,” said George Thangadurai, general manager, PC Client Services Division at Intel. “To address the pervasive nature of such threats, Intel and McAfee are collaborating to deliver scalable and innovative anti-theft solutions starting with Ultrabook systems that will help to provide more peace of mind to people.” The new software solution is scheduled to be publicly available as Ultrabook devices are shipped in volume from OEM companies in 2012.


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