NetWars CyberCity: A Real-World Cyber Warfare Practice City For U.S. Military

Digital systems have come about to play such an important role in our lives that often, national infrastructures are directly linked to them. The possibility of hackers gaining access to such systems is a nightmare. And U.S. military aims to train its cyber teams against this by letting them tackle real-world cyberwar scenarios in the NetWars CyberCity.

Cyber Security

NetWars CyberCity is a small-scale city that is complete with the key components such as a train system, an electric grid, hospital water tower, coffee shop and a bank. The city is located near New Jersey Turnpike and was developed with the intent of letting cyber warriors train their skills in real world.

Those training in the CyberCity essentially devise strategies to thwart different adverse scenarios. In most of these scenarios, they have to counter an online attack and secure the critical infrastructures of the city. Although the city itself comprises of miniature buildings, the infrastructures linked to it are most real-like.

The CyberCity training comprises of missions which are aimed at securing different facilities located within the city. According to SANS instructor and NetWars CyberCity Director, Ed Skoudis, “We’ve built over eighteen missions, and each of them challenges participants to devise strategies and employ tactics to thwart computer attacks that would cause significant real-world damage.”

Participants in the training program come from a number of departments which are related to the government and the military. The earliest of the trainings in the CyberCity will start in December 2012, ranging between a few hours to a few days.

Source: SANS

Courtesy: Net-Security

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