Team Poison Launched Cyber Attacks Targeting Israeli Sites

An international group of pro Palestinian hackers, joined under the name of Poison Team announced a new series of attacks against Israeli citizens and websites. The Poison Team’s statement lets everyone know about the group’s determination: “IsraHell has been committing genocide, infanticide, and every day homicide since 1948 and the world and her citizens have been aiding and abetting and financing this! We are all complicit in the murder of the innocent!

It’s time to make a stand! The tables have turned, We are no longer silent – Digital Intifada: #OpFreePalestine – The war has begun”. The group explicitly continues the activity of Saudi hacker OxOmar. OxOmar started a cyberwar and managed to make public the details of 15,000 Israeli credit card holders.

The first result of the attack was the publishing of a list of 26,000 Israeli credit card owners. The file reveals names and email addresses of the credit hard holders and all the vital information about the credit cards, which is numbers, expiration dates and CVVs. The group also mentioned that the stole card information was used to make donations to Palestinian charities.

Last year, in November Team Poison joined Anonymous and together target Platinum credit cards under the #OpRobinHood codename. The mission was as expected “steal from the rich, and give to the poor.”



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