Adobe Plans To Make Creative Cloud More Enticing

Adobe Systems’ Creative Cloud is getting more appealing for the users who are still reluctant to pay up $50 a month as the company prepares a few new treats for the loyal fans. Scott Morris, senior director of product marketing on Adobe’s digital media team announced a few major directions for the Adobe Cloud development, which will go pass the access to the full Creative Suite Master Collection but also to programs, and apps specially designed for the tablet’s touchscreen displays.

From now on, users will be able to access the company’s latest software for web design like Muse and Edge. Adobe Creative Cloud will also provide access to Lightroom 4, as soon as the program gets out of the bets testing stage and is ready for full public release. In addition, Adobe plans to encourage social networking by offering features to allow the users interact, send and receive advices on the use of software, comment each other design pieces and simply communicate.

Scott Morris explains that the new strategy is not only a shallow offer but much more. “It is not repackaging of CS in a subscription model. It is delivering the core desktop apps and the services that tie them together to help solve this publishing challenge for our customers,” he said on the matter.


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