Adobe Releases Flash to HTML5 Conversion Tool – Wallaby

Adobe has released a Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool called “Wallaby. It would allow Flash developers to reuse many elements of their Flash projects — including graphics, masks, and animations — in an HTML file. The tool will also tell you which elements can’t be converted, like animated masks, filters and actionscript. The result: something nearly identical to your original Flash file, but in HTML.

“Wallaby” is the codename for an experimental technology that converts the artwork and animation contained in Adobe® Flash® Professional (FLA) files into HTML. Wallaby is not a final product and is still in the testing and validation phase. We are not yet able to commit to a roadmap for this experimental technology.

In a release, a company rep stated, “With more than 3 million Flash developers in the creative community, Adobe continues to look for new ways to help them build on their existing skills and to make their content available to the widest possible audiences. User response to the Wallaby technology preview will enable Adobe to better understand what types of innovations are needed in our long-term investments in both Flash and HTML5 technology.”

Checkout the video below.

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