Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.2

Apple has released an update for iTunes. This latest version is termed iTunes 10.5.2 and comes with a lot of improvements geared towards attracting users to iTunes Match. iTunes Match is the music streaming and storage service offered by Apple, the logical equivalent of Google Music. The update also contains fix for an audio distortion problem users faced in the earlier iTunes version.

The update is available for download, both for Mac OS and Windows. What exactly are the improvements relevant to iTunes Match are not clearly stated but it’s highly probable that Apple has rolled out the update to support it’s online music streaming and storage service.

You can download the version if you are currently using iTunes 10.5 or later on your Mac OS. Alternatively, if you are a Windows users, you need to have a Windows XP service pack 2 or later versions of Windows to be eligible for the download. Windows users who have 64-bit Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems need to have a 64-bit iTunes 10.5 to make this download.

The total size of the download for Mac users is 102 MB. For Windows users 32-bit OS, total download size is 66.13 MB while for 64-bit users it’s about 68.01 MB.

The update also resolves another significant issue that iTunes users have been facing – that of audio distortion. Apple claims that the new version of iTunes fixes this issue, so if the claim is correct iTunes users should have no more qualms about it.

iTunes is certainly one of the most widely used softwares around the globe. If indeed Apple is able to pitch in iTunes Match through the software, the service may find a strong footing.
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