Firefox 17 Rolls Out With Social API, Facebook Integration

The Mozilla team has recently rolled out the new version of its browser, Firefox 17. Firefox’s latest version comes packed with a number of new features. The most intriguing of these features is the inclusion of Social API which allows the browser to incorporate in-browser Facebook integration.

Mozilla Social API

The concept is certainly a very interesting one and hasn’t been deployed by any other browser yet. So Mozilla has to be credited with having coined it. Social API essentially lets such social media sites which willingly participate in the venture, to display their own persistent sidebar even when a viewer is not visiting the sites.

Currently, only Facebook seems to be on board with Mozilla on this one. To activate the feature, users have to navigate straight to the Facebook Messenger for Firefox website and hit ‘Turn On.’ Once it is done, users will be able to access Facebook’s control buttons as well as the regular sidebar even when they are, say, reading BBC news in the browser.

This way, the feature can be immensely useful for those who have a knack for multitasking. Users can read news in the background and use the sidebar to discuss an article with a colleague. Whereas the social integration on Firefox 17 is currently limited to Facebook alone, such integration with Twitter can prove to be very useful.

For now, social media giants such as Twitter and LinkedIn are not on board. They may simply be watching the user response to the Social API and Facebook integration. And their decision on whether or not to jump the bandwagon may depend on its success.

Source: Facebook

Courtesy: CNET

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