Firefox 4 Will Bring Official 64-Bit Support for Windows & Linux

It seems this long wait is going to be over. Mozilla will bring 64-Bit support for both Windows & Linux with the release of upcoming Firefox 4. Not only that they have working Pre Beta version available for test already. Here we will share some inside and download link to that 64-Bit version.

Firefox 64 bit

Firefox is so far all 32-bit officially, and most essential plugin like Flash Player yet not have stable 64-bit version. But now most of us have 64-bit system, Mac is long ago 64-Bit. And now most of Windows Laptop been shipped with 64-Bit Windows 7(Home Premium or Ultimate or even Enterprise version). But due to lack of 64-Bit browser we are missing a lot performance boast. For hardcore web browser, this 64-bit support could come handy. Even a lot user been started using IE(Internet Explorer) after a long time due to their 64-bit Built-in support and smooth operation. There is huge complain that Firefox 4 Beta and stable 3.6.13(or more latest) are too much CPU consuming and getting slow if you open a lot tab and keep those open for long time, people reporting this problem for long time. Chrome getting market pretty fast but due to its each tab runs as separate instance(as a separate application) its also too heavy for heavy user. And mostly none of those browser support 64-Bit.

There was an unofficial 64-bit Firefox project for long time, but it was never close to stable and never got official approval. And mostly it does not had plugin support. But now Mozilla itself developing 64-bit version for both Linux(64-bit Intel) and Windows. Today Mozilla released Firefox 4.0 Beta 11, as they are very rapid developing project, they already working on Firefox 4.0 Pre Beta 12. As this Pre and Mozilla nightly built section is developers’ playground, so here everything supposed to be on test version. But we found that there is working 64-bit version for Windows and Linux.

Check out the screenshot

I am currently testing it. I previously worked in Mozilla project, so I am familiar with this stuff, it does not mean just a normal user could not use it, Anybody could use it, but here is some normal issue

1) If you install this or any Pre Built version it may replace your existing working stable version.

2) It will surely share your old Firefox profile, which will cause add-on crash and instability.

3) Most of the plugin like essential Flash Player, java wont work, so most site will look messy.

I am not discouraging you guys. Please go ahead and test, but I hope you understand what you are doing. And I plan to post another easy Know-how article on how to make it work as soon I test it and find working way.

Windows 64-Bit – firefox-4.0b12pre.en-US.win64-x86_64.installer.exe
Linux 64-bit Intel – firefox-4.0b12pre.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2

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  1. Janus

    Nope, no official Win64 support for Firefox _4_, you are incorrect. Also, Firefox has profile support for a reason, go figure.

  2. Asif2BD

    All infos, links and screenshots from Official Mozilla page. Firefox 4 will bring 64-bit support, its still in beta testing version.

  3. Guest

    Support for 64bit LINUX, yes.

    Digging about through the nightly builds suggests that only win32 is supported, not x86_64.

  4. LoBo_23

    Java works. Just get 64 bit java.

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