Guided Access: Apple Introduces New Feature In iOS 6

With the explosive growth of mobile platform, virtually every person tools a mobile device, be that person a professional, an old person or a kid. And due to this, many parents have raised concerns that their kids often then access such content which wastes their time or in anyway is undesirable to be viewable by children. Apple now has a solution to this in the new iOS 6.

This feature is being called ‘guided access.’ It is a lot different from other standard tools that are provided to parents to control the content viewing by children. It essentially lets a parent lock a children within an app so that he or she can not navigate to the rest of the functions of, say, the tablet.

This is how it works. With the ‘guided access’ feature, a parent can disable the device’s physical home button. Also, the ability of the user to back out of an application is also locked. In this way the user, which is expected to be a child, is locked within an app which can be a game or an educational app or any such app which is desired for the child.

According to Apple, one of the chief uses of this feature could be to help such children which have disabilities, such as those with autism, to gain more control over the tablet and not navigate away from the app they are using by mistake. Essentially this will “confine touch input to certain parts of the screen” and would be “especially useful for test taking or helping someone with a disability stay focused on learning.”

Source: The Verge

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