Ubuntu 12.10 Released, Packs Many New Features

After a lot of anticipation, Canonical has finally released Ubunto 12.10, dubbed Quantal Quetzal. The new version packs a number of new features such as Web apps and a smooth integration of cloud and desktop. Read further to download the new version right away.

Web apps on desktop

While we were still expecting the release of Ubuntu 12.10, Canoncial had claimed that this new version will bring a host of new features to the PC, features which are not even a part of other PC operating systems yet. Has Canonical lived up to these claims? It may seem so, as is manifest in the light of the features listed below:

Web Apps:
Today’s web experience is deeply entrenched in the use of web apps. Even for PC users, web apps are a quick way of accessing the many different services they wish to use. Whereas in other operating systems, you have to use the browser to access apps, you can ‘pin’ them right to your desktop in Ubuntu 12.10. And whenever you wish to access them, you simply have to click the desktop icon and launch the application. It is almost the same as if the app is natively installed on your PC.

Search Your Online Accounts:
If you have been an avid Ubuntu user, you would know of the Dash. Dash has been a part of the earlier versions and enables you to search through your computer’s files and folders. However, in Ubuntu 12.10, Dash is much more than that. It not only searches through your computer, it can also search through all your online accounts. All you have to do is give it the credentials of your online accounts so that it can connect up with them.

Online search with Dash

For instance, if you are searching for a document and you think it may be in your Google Drive, you can search it up on Dash. If your Google Drive account is connected to Dash, it will show up in the search results.

This is a smooth integration of the cloud and the desktop and Dash is able to sync up both locations and search them both at the same time. Needless to say, it can save a lot of your time.

Search Result Previews With Dash:
Normally, you have to open up multiple tabs or windows to view different search results. But with Dash, you can simply click on a search result to see more options. For instance, you can click on an album shown in search results to play it right from the preview or install an app simply be clicking it after previewing it. This way, you don’t have to open up additional windows to view different search results.

Search Preview With Dash

According to the CEO of Canonical, “Ubuntu 12.10 is the operating system for the multi-device era.┬áIt makes life significantly easier for users by adapting Ubuntu to the way people really access their content today: online and on the hard drive, at work and at home, on the phone and, of course, on the PC.”

From the look of the features Ubuntu 12.10 packs, it certainly makes for a great choice for a PC user. If you wish to try your hands on it, you can download it straight from here.

Source: Ubuntu

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