Another Apple 1 From 1976 Is Up For Auction

Apple’s vintage products from the early days of the company have fetched huge amounts of money in recent auctions. The high bids can be owed to the facts that Apple is the current tech leader and its early machines are barely existent anymore. Another Apple 1 machine from 1976 is now up for auction.

Apple 1 machine

Naturally, the bids for this Apple 1 machine will be high since it is among the earliest machines produced by Apple. The auction will be held at Christie’s in New York and is expected to fetch a sum between $300,000 and $500,000.

The version of Apple 1 that is being auctioned includes an original, functional motherboard together with a keyboard, a storage device which was not part of the original machine, and a monitor. The auction will be a part of a two-week long event at Christie’s, aiming to show off a number of vintage tech products from the twentieth century.

The reason why Apple 1 machines are considered so precious and fetched huge sums at auctions is because Apple produced a mere 200 of these machines. According to the estimates of experts, currently only 46 of these machines exist any more.

It is such scarcity of Apple 1 machines that makes them so valuable to collectors of tech products. All to that the fact that Apple 1 machines were among the earliest outcomes of Steve Jobs’ genius, which was to lay the path for the revolutionary Mac in the coming days.

Courtesy: PC Mag

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