Apple May Include Siri And Maps Integration In OS X 10.9

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Apple has long cited its plans to bring together its desktop and mobile operating systems. And in a bid to do so, the company has been steadily introducing iOS features into its recent OS X builds. Rumors have it now that Apple will be releasing the upcoming OS X 10.9 with both Siri and Maps integration.

OS X Mountain Lion

The availability of the voice-based personal assistant called Siri on Mac machines can indeed be a very welcome move by the users. According to reports, Apple has all plans of including the feature into OS X 10.9.

Apart from Siri, the company may also add Maps integration into OS X 10.9. This may come as a tad bit surprising because Apple’s Maps have been terribly unpopular among its own users. Moreover, you can easily access Google Maps through a web browser on the Mac, so why would anyone opt to make use of the Maps.

But given the fact that Apple seems adamant on pursuing its Maps venture, it makes sense that the company wants to expose them to a great audience by introducing them onto its desktop ecosystem.

With the Maps integration build right into OS X 10.9, Mac developers will be able to incorporate the feature right into their apps. However, all this is still based on speculation, so we will have to take this with a grain of salt and wait for the official release of OS X 10.9 by Apple, which would affirm or refuse these rumors.

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