Apple Released Mac OS X Lion Developers Preview 2 Update

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Apple has released a new version of Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 2 Build 11A444d. The newly released update is about 1.17GB in size. The new features and bugfixes are still unknown. You can download the update via Software Update.

According to Macrumors, minor change in the user interface elements for opting subpanes within system preferences. In this latest Mac OS X Lion Preview, a sunkin darker button has been provided for the active subpane that appears when it is pushed as you can see it in Exposé & Spaces preference pane.

The folks, well aware of the Mac OS X Lion previous builds know it well that it had a sort of slider animation where the active subpane was symbolized with a very faint colored button producing perplexity for many users when they used to simply glance at the pane without any attention to move the slider, and found animation to key on.

In the face of that criticism, Apple appears to have rethought its mechanism for switching between subpanes and reverted back to a button style that appears more intuitive.

A similar change has been made in iCal, where an earlier slider-style navigator was rolled out to select among day/week/month/year views but has now been replaced by more traditional button-style selectors.

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