Create Your Own Books With The All-New iBooks Author For Mac

Have you ever wanted to create books from the comfort of your chair? We had been promised that Apple will unveil a tool at the recent event which allows just that. And well, Apple has lived up to the expectations. During the event, Apple announced the release of iBooks Author for Mac. This tool can be used on a Mac and can be used to very easily create textbooks or just any books. And the best part is that you get to add all kinds of interactive media in the book you create with iBooks Author.

With iBooks Author, the creation of books has become a very easy task. The app comes with some default templates which can be used to create a book. The default templates contain Latin text and stock photographs which gives one a fair idea of how to include text and images into the template and create an all-new book. The addition of multimedia such as images and videos can be done through drag-and-drop functions. In fact, an entire document can be dropped into iBooks Author and the app will automatically populate the sections with the content. This means that even if you wrote your book in a Word document, you can simply drag and drop it in the app and the app will automatically detect the sections as well as headers.

Addition of widgets to digital books:
Another very cool feature in the iBooks Author is that you can drag and drop different available widgets into your book. For instance, you can drag and drop a presentation that is relevant to a particular portion of the book, in that section. Not only this, apart from the default widgets, you can create your own HTML and JavaScript widgets and make them a part of the book, wherever you like.

Finally, to create your very own glossary of the book your create on iBooks Author, you can click on any word and add it to the glossary. Another click and you can also add a definition to the word. It’s as simple as that. Moreover, as soon as your are done, you hit ‘Preview’ and connect an iPad to the system. The book becomes immediately available for preview on the iPad. This allows you to recheck and revise the entire book on an iPad before submitting it for sale.

According to Apple officials, iBooks Author is the most advanced, powerful and easy-to-use book-creation tool till now. And the best part about this tool is that it is absolutely free. You can head to the Mac App Store to download it right away.

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