iMovie- The Brand New Face of Movies Experience

iMovie was originally released in 1999 by Apple as a Mac OS 8 application and is a video editing software which allows Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad users to edit their own movies and also create new ones from pictures and short movie clips.

iMovie- the brand new face of movies experience
Today this application is bundled in the iLife suite of Mac’s applications along with other three great applications: GarageBand, iDvd and iPhoto, together forming a nice and helping suite for every creator of pictures and great movies.

iMovie allows the user to import the video clips or the picture from any video digital camera- the new version in iLife’11 allows DVD, HDD and AVCHD camcorders also, using FireWire interface and from any hard drive using a USB connection. ¬†Once the video clips or the pictures are imported the user can start creating his own great movies from pictures or from other clips by adding music, titles, color effects, corrections, transitions, video and audio enhancement tools.

Another good thing with iMovie is that it allows the user to drag pictures instead of importing them on hard drive with iPhoto, making a handy experience that makes you use it most of the time.

iMovie allows the user to open and work on multiple projects giving the opportunity to add themes with full- motion graphics and transitions specially designed for a ease-use.

The newer versions also includes a better HD output, more formats to convert to, the ability to export your creation directly to YouTube, allows users to highlight parts of a video clips just like highlighting a text, more exportations formats for iPhone, more control over audio, flash and hold, instant replays, news theme, facial recognition, new trailer templates and waveforms which update immediately so you always see what you hear.

In a few words iMovie is a great app that any user should have it. It makes the like of a Mac user much more easier.

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