Multicam Editing Back On Final Cut Pro X

Multicam editing had been a very popular feature of Apple’s video editor, Final Cut Pro. However, when Apple released the latest ¬†version of the editor, Final Cut Pro X, the feature was missing in it. This was evidently a result of the cut in price that Apple did, reducing the price of the software from $1000 to $300. However, it seems now, given the popular demand, Apple has put the feature back. The feature re-introduced in an update that Apple just released.

This latest version of video editor, Final Cut Pro X, was launched last year in June. But professionals were disappointed because the software did not include the multicam editing feature any more.

Multicam editor allows a video editor to streamline the audio as well as video of multiple cams who are capturing the same scene. The feature is not a simple one and utilizes multiple ways to make the entire recording into sync. The reason why it is so popular is that it can excellently sync the video just the way an editor would have it, without any errors.

Now that the multicam editor is back, many professionals who make use of Final Cut Pro X are quite happy. However, they do have a number of issues with the software, some of which Apple seems to be working on. Earlier, the software didn’t allow the import of projects Final Cut Pro 7 but then a third-party app was able to resolve this problem.

This recent update of the software also introduces a number of other things: manual re-linking of media, the ability to import layered Photoshop files and advanced chroma-key controls.

Image courtesy BENM AT.

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