New Mac Pro Doesn’t Offer Reliable 4K Monitor Support!

Apple’s new Mac Pro has been around for some days now. While until now, we have been hearing raving reviews about this top-end machine, a review on AnandTech now reveals that the machine arrives with poor 4K monitor support.

New Mac Pro

Given the kind of gear that Mac Pro packs under its hood, and its proclaimed support for 4K monitors, the machine should work smoothly with any 4K display. In fact, that is one of the key points why many professionals related to digital graphics are buying the new machine.

However, the review on AnandTech claims that 4K support in the new Mac Pro is highly unreliable. The team at AnandTech apparently tried to hook up a Sharp 32″ 4K display to the Mac Pro, expecting a brilliant and vivid output. Instead, Mac Pro refused to support the native 3840 x 2160 resolution of the monitor and changed it to 2560 x 1440.

Naturally, the result was that the graphics were all messed up with the icons appearing a little too small and the text too distorted to read. We could have waved this away as an isolated problem limited to a single monitor. However, that isn’t true. When Dell’s 24″ Ultra HD display is connected to the Mac Pro, the same problems persists.

In other words, you can not be sure whether or not the 4K display you hook up with your new Mac Pro is going to work. If you have already purchased the machine, the only relief for you is that this seems like a software issue, which means that it can be patched by Apple some time soon.

Source: AnandTech

Courtesy: Digital Trends

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