OS X Yosemite Will Be Available Today & iOS 8.1 From Monday!

So, the wait of OS X Yosemite is over. As expected Tim Cook announce the availability of Yosemite at todays Apple event. Check details on how to get it now. And iOS 8.1 is also coming this Monday with Apple Pay.


Apple announced Yosemite at this WWDC. For the first time the public beta was available for free to any Mac user (there is a device hardware requirement). This is one most extensive update for Mac OS X in last few year. So, it was good to be able to test the next OS before others. But there has been extensive report for that Beta to be too much buggy. In my own test it was too buggy to be used even for a developer, and I had to roll back to OS X Mavericks.

But now the official final version is here, and you could get it today. Here is the link from where you will be able to download the upgrade, but when I am writing this article its still not available, I guess you have to wait few more hour.

How to Upgrade:

Check this page (https://www.apple.com/osx/how-to-upgrade/ ), it provides all info you need to upgrade.

What About iOS 8.1?
All the people who bough new iPhone 6/6+ (I guess its probably almost 20 million now), or who ever upgraded their device to iOS 8.0 are sick tired about the bugs, and also was waiting eagerly for Apple Pay. The wait will be over on this Monday.

So on Monday, October 20th, you will get the new iOS 8.1 update as OTA update or could update using iTunes too. And Apple Pay will come into your device (most likely to only iPhone 6/6+) in Passbook App. Other device will be able to do online shopping with Apple Pay, so all the Apps that support this new payment process.

So, are you upgrading today?

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