11 Million Daily Downloads Through Nokia Store

Although Nokia is concentrating on Windows Phone as of late and has somewhat lost focus on its Symbian OS devices, the Nokia Store still continues with a huge number of daily downloads. According to Nokia, currently, the store is witnessing nearly 11 million downloads every single day!! However, the country with most downloads is India with other toppers including Russia, Turkey, Brazil and others. Europe or US do not appear in the top of the lsit which shows that Nokia’s Symbian OS no longer holds any interest for users in these regions.

However, these figures still show that Symbian OS is still popular in a number of Asian regions and that is generating Nokia some major revenue. Nokia Store’s daily download surpassed 7 million per day back in July 2011. And this current figures show that there has been an improvement, and not a decline. About 177 publishers on the store have surpassed total of 1 million download mark while the store’s service is available in 32 languages.

The services of Nokia Store is available in about 192 countries. The credit card mode of payment is accepted in 192 countries while operator billing is supported in about 46 countries. The top downloaded application on the Nokia Store include Facebook Chat, WhatsApp Messenger, High Speed 3D Free, eBuddy Messenger and Skype.

While Nokia now continues to concentrate more and more on Windows Phone, this current update shows that in the coming days, the Symbian devices will continue to earn Nokia a substantial revenue for another some time.

Image courtesy Micky.

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