Baidu Gears Up For A New Cloud OS And A Possible Smartphone Release

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China. With a popular exceeding a billion, this means that Baidu has a huge user base to its name. And that is why, the company is considered a huge player in the arena of Asian tech world. Baidu has a knack of developing an alternate version of nearly every mainstream tech object, including an alternate of Android which it named Yi. It is now being reported that the company has further plans with it.

Baidu seems to be all set to release a new iteration of Yi, a version which will be based in the cloud. The mobile OS in the cloud will be called Baidu Cloud. According to Baidu’s vice president of engineering and head of mobile, Wang Jing, “We have a few partnerships coming up and will announce it in a week.”

These new partnerships that Baidu is looking forward to forge are apparently an attempt of the search engine giant to launch a smartphone running Baidu Cloud. According to Sina Tech, several images of a device which could be it were uploaded on one of the social profiles of company’s mobile director but were eventually pulled off.

The images, that are now available online, seem to point to a smartphone which will look a lot like Nokia’s Lumia smartphones. It will come with a 3.5-inch screen and will also be equipped with a voice-based assistant, much like Apple’s Siri.

The perks and incentives that will be purportedly offered with the device are numerous and quite lucrative. For instance, users who buy the device will get to have 100 GB of cloud storage. The device is estimated to wear a price tag of $158. The wireless carrier for the device is expected to be China Unicom.

However, most of this information remains unofficial and thus, unconfirmed. So we will wait for an official statement from BNaidu before we go to make our mind about this.

Sources: Reuters/ Sina Tech

Courtesy: The Verge

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