‘Eyes-free’ Texting Introduced By BrailleTouch For The Visually Impaired

With the advancements in technology, one very promising aspect is that a number of new technologies have been brought into existence specifically for those who are handicapped in any way. We have seen a number of advanced motion sensing technologies, which are not only more intelligent but also more affordable and easy-to-use. Now, Georgie Tech is working BrailleTouch, which is a technology through which visually impaired personnel can type messages easily on a smartphone. Given below are the details about it.

The technology that has been developed by Georgia Tech is absolutely marvellous! This is how it works: The users hold the device so that it is facing away from the user. Now, the user taps six buttons on the screen, three on the right and three on the left. With different combinations of tapping the different buttons, the user is able to type both alphabets and numerals and a sound pronounces those words so that the user is sure that he has typed the correct words.

You may think that it’s difficult. Yes it is. But with just a few hours of training, some people have been able to type even faster than normal people do. A couple of users have been able to type 32 words per minute while maintaining a whooping 92 percent accuracy of the text that has been typed.

So if a visually-impaired person is unable to read, he can still type the words with convenience and ease. Georgia Tech folks are also working on an ‘eyes-free’ technology for people with sight, so that people who can see wouldn’t have to look on screen while typing.


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