Facebook iPad App Is Hidden Inside The Code Of Facebook’s iPhone App

Facebook just released a dedicated iPad app and Facebook’s iPad app is hidden inside of their iPhone app. Some clever Apple fanatics managed to discover that code for the iPad version of the long-awaited official Apple Facebook app was embedded within the code of the iPhone app and the discovery occurred after Facebook released an update to the iPhone app. The leaked iPad version of the app will have a special menu on the left-hand side of the screen for seamless access to all of the social network site’s main features…………….

Mark Zuckerberg ruffled some feathers when he said the iPad isn’t mobile enough to deserve a dedicated Facebook app and if you know where to look or if you can read the code, then you can find those secrets. Hidden in the code of Facebook’s iPhone app is the code for something else and something everyone has been waiting over a year for the iPad app. Tech Crunch, found that the code itself has changed from a proprietary iOS format to a combination of native code and HTML5, which is a more universal Web-based language. It seems as though the app is started to bleed into the experience users will have if they simply go to Facebook.com from the iPad‘s Web browser. Earlier this year, it was reported that Facebook is working on overhauling its website so that users who go to the site on an iPad will have a special kind of experience – it’s almost as if Facebook is building its own platform specifically for iPad users. This comes after the social network had seemingly snubbed Apple, offering very little in the way of official support for the iPhone and iPad, but it appears as though there was just a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. Facebook has not revealed any details about when it plans to launch the long-awaited official iPad app, but given how complete the hidden code within the new iPhone app is, it seems likely the release will happen soon. Now in below you will find how to use Facebook iPad app:



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