Flint Uses iPhone Camera For Its Mobile Payment System

A number of mobile payment solutions have emerged over the recent years. Some of them require you to attach a dongle with your smartphone and then swipe your card through it. However, Flint has come up with an even easier solution. The app uses iPhone’s camera to read numbers off the card and make the payment. As simple as that!

Flint Mobile

Naturally, the convenience of the app is what makes it apart from other mobile payment solutions put forth by the likes of Paypal and Square. Nearly all other solutions require the attachment of a dongle with your smartphone to have your card read by the device.

But Flint merely requires you to pass the card in front of your camera and that’s it. The app scans the account number from the front of the card and then requires the user’s signature to authenticate the transaction. Once the user provides his signature, the merchant instantly receives the payment. Flint’s mobile payment solution is good for small businesses.

Currently, the app is available for the iOS platform and seems to be doing fairly well. It comes with additional perks, allowing users to upload customer testimonials to a linked Facebook page of their business.

Thwarting any privacy concerns that may arise out of the fact that the app requires an image of the payment card, the CEO of Flint, Greg Goldfarb says, ‘It doesn’t take a picture of the card. It just reads the numbers, and we do that to protect consumer privacy.”

Whereas the app is certainly a useful mobile payment solutions, and move convenient compared to those offered by Paypal, it remains to be seen how small businesses and merchants respond to it.

Source: Flint Mobile Pay

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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