Microsoft May Be Testing Photosynth For Windows Phone

Microsoft doesn’t seem to lack its creativity to its own platforms and has often launched products from platforms from other than its own. First we had a whole lot of Bing apps that were introduced, not through Windows Phone but on iOS devices last year. Then Microsoft also released the 360-degree panorama photograph app, Photosynth which didn’t debut on Windows Phone either. But it seems that with better Windows Phone devices now on their way, the users may finally get a Photosynth app for Windows Phone some time soon.

There has been no official word from Microsoft on it. However, a number of test shots have been uploaded to the Photosynth website. And the interesting thing about these test shots, which seems to point to the above claim, is that they were taken by non-iOS devices such as Nokia Lumia 800, Samsung Focus, HTC Radar and HTC HD7.

As if these images were not enough to convey the possibility for a Photosynth for Windows Phone app, there was also a synth image on the website that provided a reference to the Photosynth for Windows Phone build. These clues may definitely not be a concrete proof, but they surely do depict that the Windows Phone version of the app is on the cards and is being worked on. However, when may we be finally able to see it is unclear?

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