Microsoft Office For iOS And Android Is Real, Coming In March 2013

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular pieces of software around the globe. From creating and editing documents to making presentations, it is widely used. For long we’ve been hearing that a mobile version of Office is on its way. And now, it has been finally confirmed.

Office Mobile

Microsoft has been unusually quiet about its plans regarding a mobile version of Microsoft Office. Although a number of hints in the past have divulged that the company is actually working on such a product, Microsoft itself hasn’t revealed much.

However, a few details of ‘Office Mobile’ have now leaked on to the web, courtesy certain inside sources. According to these sources, the Office Mobile for both iOS and Android will be released in early 2013.

The apps for both platforms will be available free of charge and will come packed with the functionality of basic viewing of Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents. Of course, the users will be required to have or create a Microsoft account to avail the apps.

However, to edit these documents on your iOS or Android device, you will need to make an in-app Office 365 subscription. Once you purchase the subscription, you will be able to perform basic editing on these documents. However, not all features of the desktop version of the software will be available on the Office Mobile apps.

Apparently, whereas Microsoft is trying to reach out to the mobile platform with its Office Mobile apps, it still wishes to sustain the user base for the desktop version, widely used in the corporate world. In an official statement released by the company, it stated, “Office will work across Windows Phone, iOS and Android.”

News/Image Courtesy: The Verge

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