Mozilla Shows Off Firefox OS, Posts Videos About Marketplace And More

We have been hearing about the mobile OS being built by Mozilla team, touted as Firefox OS, for quite some time. Earlier, we have seen desktop builds of the mobile OS. This time, Mozilla has posted a number of videos, as well as slides, from presentations of Mozilla team members, showing off the new OS and its features in Brazil.

Firefox OS

The videos start by giving a rather general introduction to Firefox OS so as to acquaint the viewers with it. The introduction pegs the development of this new mobile OS upon the significance of web browsers.

The videos then continue to show us the significance of Web APIs, UI hacking and a number of other features which, we are sure, are going to be fairly implemented in Firefox OS. Clearly, the videos are meant to ready us for what we may expect in the new OS. These videos are posted at the end of the article.

Whereas we do expect something really creative from the Mozilla team, it is hard to say how much traction this new mobile OS would get, especially in a market which is fiercely divided between iOS and Android already.

However, the entry of new players is still a good sign in that it provides the users with multiple mobile platforms to choose from. If you wish to view the slides of the presentation from Mozilla team members, then go to Mozilla Hacks.

Source: Mozilla

Courtesy: TNW

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